When Earl Martin, Tadean Page and Julian Holland come together, prepare for your soul to be fed with a hearty serving of their G.R.IT.S. (Gay Raised In The South) podcast. With each episode, the trio amplifies voices through affirming the experiences of Black queer men raised in the South. Black gay/queer men in the South are some of the hardest hit by HIV, impacted with challenges around white supremacy and anti-Blackness, and faced with voter suppression. Their voices need to be heard. When they are not on the mic, Martin is a licensed mental health therapist who loves to travel and is considered the dad/big brother of the group. Holland’s zen vibe marries well with his hidden talent as a guitarist while Page unabashedly is the life of the party. Together they have captivated a following by authentically sharing their shared Southern experiences. —K.M.
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