For Gabriel Maldonado, HIV/AIDS work has been important since he served as a member of the Presidential Advisory Council under former President Barack Obama. Now, as the CEO and founder of TruEvolution, he’s fighting for health equity and racial justice to advance the quality of life and human dignity of LGBTQIA+ people. With TruEvolution, it has grown to include comprehensive HIV prevention and care services, a mental health clinic, and an emergency supportive housing program. Outside of his work as CEO and founder, he was influential in helping Riverside, CA secure a $10 million grant from the state to assist in the development of Project Legacy, a groundbreaking housing and support campus for people living with HIV who otherwise might be homeless. Maldonado even named the buildings after queer legends George M. Johnson and Twiggy Pucci Garçon. Now this is living on purpose. —K.M.
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