For many successful creative entrepreneurs, some may think that they had a specific vision in mind all along, but oftentimes the journey is being present in each season. Stephen Galloway’s career timeline is a natural evolution of various roles. As a teen, he relocated from Pennsylvania to Frankfurt, Germany to become a dancer at the Ballet Frankfurt. While he stayed at that company, he would be promoted to principal dancer and held that position  for almost two decades, Galloway became involved with costume design. Through is stage work, he began consulting on movement, clothing and more and he caught the attention of big name artists. He became a creative advisor for The Rolling Stones’ music videos and tours. Fast forward to today, Galloway is a man wearing many hats including choreographing  Miley Cyrus as her creative movement director.. And in addition to his collaboration  with musical artists, the former dancer is also still active in the world of high fashion consulting on movement for major covers and campaigns. —G.E.

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