The Blackhouse Foundation co-founders Brickson Diamond and Ryan Tarpley celebrate 15 years of amplifying the voices of Black artists, particularly through its programming at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2006, the gentlemen (along with their co-Founder Carol Ann Shine) — inspired by a queer affinity group —recognized an opportunity to bring more Black creators’ projects, as well as more diverse audiences, to prominent film festivals. Today, the organization continues to create unique and culturally specific spaces for historically excluded communities within the entertainment industry. At The Blackhouse, artists and executives of color engage in thought-provoking conversations, and learn about the business from each other and industry veterans. Additionally, the trailblazing team partnered with Color of Change. Together, they unveiled the latest plans for its #ChangeHollywood initiative, which calls for the industry to create “concrete, measurable solutions toward racial justice.” —T.T.
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