It’s been a stellar year for New York Times best selling author and activist George M. Johnson. The award-winning Black non-binary writer, author and executive producer has been listed as one of TIME100 Next Most Influential People in the World. The honors have been befitting for Johson, who has been a staunch advocate against municipalities who have banned certain books including their debut memoir All Boys Aren’t Blue — Johnson's book is listed among the top five banned books in America. They've said, “books unite us,” and because of that their quest to keep the book in circulation as well as other banned books has become part of their life mission. Johnson’s debut work received a special recognition award and praise from GLAAD for its dramatic reading that starred Jenifer Lewis and Dyllon Burnside. The book has been optioned for television by Gabrielle Union. Johnson followed up All Boys Aren’t Blue with a second memoir We Are Not Broken. They are proof that the written word must be delivered to the people and they are at the forefront of making sure our stories are being told. —K.M.
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