Jacolby Satterwhite is a Brooklyn-based artist who expresses themselves through the disciplines of illustration, performance, painting, sculpture, photography and writing. He is also drawn to the evolving virtual space and 3D animation. The Columbia, South Carolina native has been fortunate to showcase his art in numerous exhibitions across the country. Over the years, Satterwhite has collaborated with several musicians including Solange for her 2019 visual album, When I Get Home. The artist’s latest commission lives in The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Great Hall in New York. Showcased under the title A Metta Prayer, Satterwhite integrated choreography, video, animation, lighting and music to form a virtual world. While on exhibition, the installation is also accompanied by live performances from artists like serpentwithfeet, Kelsey Lu and others. Within a space that houses so much history, Satterwhite ensured to embed the presence of Black queer joy, love and resilience with his installation. —G.E.
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