Retired where? For Law Roach, being more than a stylist is undeniably part of his nature. So much so that the trailblazing professional coined and trademarked his moniker, Image Architect. Embodying authenticity and curating distinct style identities for his celebrity clients has catapulted Roach beyond the world of fashion. Before announcing his “retirement,” some of his clients included Celine Dion, Kerry Washington, Megan Thee Stallion, Hunter Schafer and Zendaya – who is his only client he continues to work with because of their family-like bond. His "retirement" went viral and grabbed the attention of the fashion industry and media worldwide. Roach continues to be an inspiration in fashion through his journey from owning vintage boutiques to building a multi-million dollar styling business. And his authentic presence on TV shows like America’s Next Top Model, Legendary, and Project Runway All-Stars and hosting the red carpet for the British Council's Fashion Awards is also a powerful representation for the Black, queer community. While we await Roach to reveal what he’ll conquer next, we are sure it will be legendary, dahling. —G.E.
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