West Philadelphia-born, Christopher “Plant Kween” Griffin is an extraordinary personality with a vibrant sense of fashion and a passion to care for all plant life. Griffin is a Black queer non-binary femme influencer who tends to a family of more than 200 healthy green gurls in the Brooklyn apartment they call home. Their goal is to continue to build a diverse online community of plant kweens, daddies, mamas and everyone in between; create greater visibility as a Black queer femme existing in green spaces; and just share the joy + happiness plants have brought into their life. Griffin continues to exceed expectations through their LGBTQIA+ community building, partnerships with morally synced brands like The Sill, and now a newly released self-help guide titled, YOU GROW, GURL!, a fun and fabulous guide to becoming a plant parent and keeping your green gurls growing and thriving. — E.F.
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