"The photographer is not simply interested in making Black gay men available to be ‘seen.’ He is intent on showing his audience that there is value in ambiguity, in privacy,” stated The New Yorker when describing the powerful work of photographer, Clifford Prince King. If there is any imagery that depicts the serenity, passion and softness of Black gay love, King is the creator. From the color palettes to the body formations, every detail within his shots display a surreal imagination of how Black gay men see themselves inside of world that doesn’t. Think of a Black gay modern Gordan Parks. This year, King released a new book Orange Grove which "captures with precision the wonder of companionship and the beauty of developing selfhood." King has also created outstanding work for Calvin Klein, Issa Rae, ViiV Healthcare, Interview magazine, and more. Up next: two upcoming solo exhibits in 2023. —E.F.
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