“I'm not afraid or ashamed of using the word fat. I don't think that it's as much of a negative thing as some would have it be,” Tevin “Milo” Evans told CBS. “I think the biggest misperception about bigger guys is that we're lazy and that we're sloppy and uncaring about our appearance and that's absolutely not true.” Evans, who is an outspoken body positive activist, is definitely not lazy, sloppy or unkempt. When he isn’t advocating for “big men” and more fashion inclusivity with larger sizes in the media, he is reshaping the narrative by modeling for A magazine body rolling in a pair of Marni swim trunks or posing on his Instagram (@fatchuckbass) with Lizzo or hanging out at a Gossip Girl party—living his best life. “We all deserve to feel comfortable and confident in who we are and confident within our bodies,” Evan has said. “And to know that our bodies are amazing and that no one can take that away from us. It's our body.” —E.W.
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